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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

This is just some illustrative information and chosen activities from Czech Healthy Cities translated into English.
For all information please see the Czech home pageand use the Google Translate Toolbar

On Wednesday 22 March, Trebic Healthy City hosted an introductory seminar of the Healthy Cities Spring School – a regular meeting of representatives of municipalities from all over the Czech Republic. The meeting was attended by more than 130 representatives of cities, town and regions and cooperating organizations as well. (22.3.2017)
The meeting of Healthy Municipal Districts took place on Tuesday 7 March 2017 at Prague City Hall. The event was aimed at sharing good practices concerning sustainable development in Prague municipal districts and discussing the possibilities of cooperation. (7.3.2017)
The theme of the conference, which took place on 1–3 March 2017 in the City of Pecs in Hungary, was the World Health Organization program Healthy Cities as pathways to inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Cities where equity, participation and governance are integrated across all activities and procedures. The conference was also dedicated to preparations for 2018, which will mark 30 years of the programme – one of the oldest international initiatives aimed at cities – and will set the criteria and explore the political vision for the period of 2018-2022. (28.3.2017)
On Wednesday 22 February 2017, Novotneho lavka in Prague hosted the Healthy Cities Thematic section focused on strategic management and quality methods in public administration. With over 60 participants, the event covered the issues of quality and strategic planning and management from the perspective of national institutions and included presentations of practical experience and good practice examples from Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic. (23.2.2017)
During 2016 the following events took place: 3 Healthy Cities Schools, 4 Educational and discussion events, 9 accredited training courses for Healthy Cities´ local authorities , 1 “National Sustainable City 2016 Conference”, 4 international meetings and 5 webinars.(18.1.2017)
On-the-spot consultations: 106
Fora for the public / number of participants: 57 / 4493
Youth and school fora: 14 
National events on good practice: 5
Accredited training courses: 12(18.1.2017)
Local Agenda 21 (LA21) is a progressive method and a tool for managing the quality of public administration at local and regional level. In Czech Republic we link it to the principles and measures of the WHO Healthy City Project (HCP). Both - LA21 and HCP assist cities and regions with implementation of health, sustainable development and quality of life principles at the local and regional levels. In cooperation with the public and local partners, they are aimed at ensuring the quality of development of a particular place, at improving the services provided by a local authority, as well as at making the services more efficient. (18.1.2017)
In 2016, eight cities and municipal districts became members of Healthy Cities, namely: Benesov, Havlickuv Brod, Krhova, Lipa, Prague 8, Prague 10, Tynec nad Sazavou, and Vyzlovka.(18.1.2017)
We have published 7 Newsletters on our websites reporting on the latest developments in various months, including translation of the newsletter into English. The newsletters were sent to more than 1000 addresses in the Czech Rep. and to nearly 300 addresses abroad.

We run 11 thematic e-mail conferences for anyone interested in sustainable development, strategic management, health, volunteering and other topics. Our databases contain more than 4 500 registered addresses.(18.1.2017)
The number of strategies registered in the national system of Czech Database od Strategies reached a record number of 500. Since its launch, the Database Portal has recorded 93,000 visits. For example, during the pilot commenting on the document “Czech Republic 2030” via the database, 385 comments were handed over to the Government Office of the Czech Republic. The number of visits to the database increased fivefold compared to the average of previous months. (18.1.2017)
Dear colleagues and friends,

with the ending of this year we want to thank you very much for your
continued support and fruitful cooperation.
And for the upcoming year we wish you many Healthy, sustainable, smart,
resilient and cooperating cities open
to its citizens.

We wish you a happy new year 2017.

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic(13.12.2016)
These days an updated Methodology for assessing sustainability in cities in Czech Republic is being adopted. The methodology is edited by Czech Healthy Cities together with Charles University and its Environment Centre. A number of experts on particular themes and the cities themselves, which tested the methodology in practice, contributed to the creation of this methodology.  (10.11.2016)
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