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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

This is just some illustrative information and chosen activities from Czech Healthy Cities translated into English.
For all information please see the Czech home pageand use the Google Translate Toolbar

Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions hold regular meetings for their citizens to discuss the most burning issues concerning the place they live.(9.1.2018)
We have created and have been providing a number of practical tools and proven methodological procedures intended for municipalities and regions.(9.1.2018)
We have published 5 on-line Newsletters on our website reporting on the latest developments in a given month, including its translation into English.(9.1.2018)
3x three-day Healthy Cities Schools
4x educational and discussion events
12x accredited training courses... and more
We have created a brand new promotional material of benefits and network services, that our network (HCCZ) provides to its members – cities, towns and regions of the Czech Republic.
Social media... besides our very popular Facebook, which is shared amongst 14 000 users, we have created INSTAGRAGM and TWITTER.

Healthy Cities provide its members with methodological support in implementing activities related to the Healthy Region Program or Local Agenda 21.(16.10.2017)
The traditional autumn meeting of not only Healthy Cities but also for other participants, held between 1-3 November 2017, was attended by more than 130 representatives of cities, towns and regions from all over the Czech Republic...(6.11.2017)
The aspirants striving for the highest “A” and “B” categories of LA21 presented their progress towards sustainable development at seminars held in cities. (27.10.2017)
Developed by the organization Democracy 21, the "Participation rate index" evaluates the activities of towns in relation to public involvement, communication and transparency. The index evaluates the situation of the years 2015 - 2016 in the largest cities of the Czech Republic (Prague + 100 largest cities + 50 municipal districts with over 10,000 inhabitants). The resulting index value is the sum of assessments of 21 indicators. They are interconnected and cover 6 categories (transparency, communication, involvement, inclusion, implementation, evaluation).(20.11.2017)
The Czech Healthy Cities and Regions Conference "SUSTAINABLE CITY" will take place on December 7th 2017 in the Jalta Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. The event will be open by a workshop together with international partners and will focus on sharing of good practice and inspirations from cities and regions in topics such as quality management at municipal level, sustainability, public participation, planning and management and interntional cooperation. (29.6.2017)
mid-September (18-20 September 2017) the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic had the honour to host an international meeting of the WHO Healthy Cities Networks of the European Region. The event was held under the aegis of the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen and the WHO Country Office in Prague, and in cooperation with the UN Information Centre Prague and the City of Prague, which kindly provided the historic premises of the Old Town Hall. The meeting was attended by the Healthy Cities representatives – national coordinators and political representatives from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Great Britain as well as from Russia, Turkey and Israel. Conducted mainly in the form of discussions and teamwork, the objective of the meeting was to frame visions of further development and to evaluate the international WHO Healthy City/Region programme, which will celebrate 30 years of existence in 2018 as a European initiative aimed at promoting health, sustainable development and the quality of life. The participants reflected on the responsibility of various national networks and mutual inspirations etc. An emphasis was placed on finding ways to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while maintaining local specificities of the countries involved in the WHO Healthy City Project. (22.9.2017)
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