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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

This is just some illustrative information and chosen activities from Czech Healthy Cities translated into English.
For all information please see the Czech home pageand use the Google Translate Toolbar

Another meeting of Healthy Cities networks from the European countries will take place on June 15–18. Participants of the meeting will discuss the priorities of V. phase of WHO Healthy City Project, the new programme of World Health Organisation (WHO) for European Region titled "Health 2020" as well as other topics related with public health support on the local level. (17.4.2011)
Healthy Cities' Forums have already started. In these events citizens identify the 10 Top Problems”- considered to be the most burning and important ones on the local or regional level. These problems or plans are thereafter verified by public enquiries and forwarded to the municipal, regional or city district representatives. In the year 2010 HCCZ has organized and has assisted to 40 events of this type all over the country.
Partnership Foundation announces the sixth year of the "City of Trees" competition. The competition, taking place under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, can be newly joined by all cities in Czech Republic The task of the applying cities is to prepare a year-round campaign for public, inspired by trees and environment.(15.3.2011)
Is your municipality displaying an energy certificate in its buildings? And has it launched a much broader awareness-raising campaign on the energy performance? If so, Energy Cities’ Display® Campaign team awaits your application for the 2011 Award. Promoting cutting edge communication activities, the annual "Towards Class A” Award encourages local authorities to present their creative and dynamic communication campaigns that involve building users and managers for energy efficiency.
The CZ Healthy Cities internet database Good-Practice.eu contains more than 160 inspiring examples from various areas of development of cities, municipalities and regions. You can also find short highlights and inspirations from everyday practice. See some of the new examples added.(16.3.2011)
The Partnership Foundation announced the 10th year of the national competition called “Routes in Cities focused on safe and sustainable transport in CZ cities. All cities and municipalities that realise traffic calming measures can participate and win attractive prizes. CZK 500 thousand will be distributed by the foundation among the most interesting projects realised this year. The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic are one of the project partners. (16.3.2011)
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