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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

We met at many interesting events in 2012

A number of thematic meetings and events not only for HCCZ members took place in 2012. The members and other interested parties met for three times at Healthy City Schools and were presented many interesting projects and collaboration offers on various subjects from the part of professional partners. For instance there have been presentations dedicated to transportation in the cities, environmental protection, physical activities, quality in public administration, use of information technologies, active ageing, approved collaboration with young people and many others. Within an accredited seminar, the participants had an opportunity to gain practical skills in the area of team work, running of round tables, media promotion, skills of argumentation and negotiation, project management or strategic planning and management in the municipalities. Two other events were dedicated to the last-mentioned topic - the March training for politicians and representatives of Healthy City authorities, where they could test the current condition of strategic management in their cities and consequently also an independent HCCZ Thematic Section that took place in May in Prague and introduced the current affairs on the national level and examples from practice. Targeted events for mutual sharing of experience in the field of local Agenda 21 and many others have been organised for the representatives of Healthy Cities and also for representatives of Prague's city districts. The participants compared their practice and searched for suitable solutions for procedures exactly in these types of municipalities. In 2012, HCCZ also participated in organisation of an interesting international seminar "The City We Create", dedicated to the quality of urban environment and held with participation of renowned urbanists, architects as well as investors, developers and specialists from other fields.

At the end of the year, the Kaiserštejn Palace in Prague hosted the prestigious Exhibition of Best Local Agendas 21 as a part of HCCZ 2012 Conference, in the course of which the representatives of Chrudim, Kopřivnice, Litoměřice, Prostějov, Vsetín, Křižánky municipality and sub-region of Drahanská vrchovina defended the fulfilment of category "B" criteria of local agenda 21. The event itself was preceded by so called spot checks attended by members of Workgroup for LA 21 of the Governmental Council for Sustainable Development as well as by representatives of the Ministry of Environment and many guests.

The 2012 events have been attended by almost 500 interested parties from the ranks of municipalities and regions, schools, non-profit organisations and other professional organisations, institutions or companies.

A number of interesting events is being prepared by HCCZ also for year 2013, for instance we will focus on the subject of volunteering, public service, cooperation with children but also on standard topics such as strategic management or cooperation with the public. There will be a celebration of the association establishment jubilee at the Anniversary 20th HCCZ Conference, which is to be held in Olomouc on September 18 and 19. We would like to invite you cordially to any events of your selection.