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ANNUAL REPORT 2017: Czech Healthy Cities (not only) in facts and figures

103 personal consultations for members – 60 Public Fora attended by 4488 participants - 29 Youth and School Fora – 8 nationwide events focused on good practice – 12 accredited training courses – 821 up-to-date strategies - 301 good practice examples and 3101 short inspirations - 7 web Newsletters – 5 webinars

... and much more can be found in our new Czech Healthy Cities Annual Report 2017, which has also been prepared in English for the first time for our foreign subscribers. The report contains not only the figures but also a range of interesting information about the services provided to our members, news and events of Czech Healthy Cities, current projects or Czech Healthy Cities partners. /p>

Take a look at our Czech Healthy Cities Annual Report 2017. Or, you can obtain it in print at one of our events planned for the year of 2018.

The Czech Healthy Cities Annual Report 2017 online or in PDF format is available HERE.

Czech HC network has more than 15.000 followers on Facebook

At the beginning of September 2018, Facebook of the Czech Healthy Cities National Network reached a record number of 15,000 "likes". In terms of the Czech Republic, this is a very good result in the non-commercial website segment. HCCZ has been using Facebook for promotion since 2011.

"We highly appreciate this interest, which is important from the point of view of the target group and the awareness of the international Healthy City program. We believe that after this year's municipal elections, a number of new politicians will welcome the proven experience of Czech Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions in the quality of Life, health and sustainable development" says Petr Švec, HCCZ director.

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Healthy Cities webinar presented financial resources and tools for sustainable energy

On 10 September, 2018, a special part of a Czech Healthy Cities webinar was held in partnership with the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Towns and with the support of the European Covenant of Mayors. It was devoted to the topic of SUBSIDY PROGRAMMES and CALLS which are currently being prepared and support energy measures and innovations in cities.

The topics of the webinar:

  • What is currently being prepared for cities and towns?
  • Current subsidy programmes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Current subsidy programmes of the Ministry of the Environment
  • News of the Covenant of Mayors Office
  • Scheduled activities of Healthy Cities and the Association of Energy Managers of Cities and Towns in the field of sustainable energy for cities and towns

The webinar can be viewed on the YouTube channel of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic:


Publicita Evropská komise a CovM

Database of Strategies: 900 up-to-date documents, 520,000 visits

Nowadays, the national Database of Strategies information system gathers together a record number of 900 up-to-date documents. Since its launch in 2011, the Database portal has seen more than 520,000 visits.

The Database of Strategies is an information system contributing to an overall improvement of strategic management and planning at all levels of public administration in the Czech Republic. It was designed to thematically and functionally interconnect strategic goals from the international level, documents of ministries and national institutions, up to regional and local level. The Database is managed by the Ministry for Regional Development and administered by Czech Healthy Cities capitalizing on its long-term experience with the vast Czech Healthy Cities DataPlan information system.

The Database of Strategies is available at the following address:


Healthy Cities Public Fora are enjoying success with 36 past events and more than 2500 participants

The first half of 2018 has seen 36 Czech Healthy Cities Public Fora attended by more than 2700 people. In September, new meetings will be commencing with 14 registered cities to date.

The Czech Healthy Cities Public Forum is a meeting where local residents define the most challenging issues in a given municipality and determine 10P – ten priorities by voting. The outcome is subsequently verified by a survey involving a wide range of citizens. At the forum, the attendees learn how the priorities identified at the forum of the previous year were tackled. The meeting with the public is attended not only by the representatives of local governments but also by the representatives of non-profit organizations, schools and other external experts. Young people are regular visitors to such public meetings. The themes and priorities selected at the youth table often get between the final ten priorities.

Additionally, the members of Czech Healthy Cities can use for free the service of „emotional maps“, which are created during these meetings.

Other highly popular meetings are School and Youth Fora where students can discuss the development of their communities. This year has already seen a record number of 87 of these events aimed at awakening interest of mainly children and students in public affairs.

Czech Healthy Cities welcomed 4 new members in the first half of 2018

Czech Healthy Cities National Network continues to attract new members. This year, 4 municipalities became new members of the Association: Statutory City of Ostrava, Prague Municipal Districts of Dolni Mecholupy and Prague–Brezineves, municipality of Zasova. Halfway through 2018, the Association has a total of 130 members with regional outreach to over 2109 cities and towns, which are home to 5,390 million inhabitants (51 % of the population of the Czech Republic). We warmly welcome all new members and believe that we will exchange experience mutually, and that both new and existing members will be keen to cooperate actively and share experience. Czech Healthy Cities provide ample scope for this purpose and opportunities for meeting, joint consultations, the use of resources for members’ projects and specific activities, and examples of good practice. The overview of all Czech Healthy Cities members is available HERE.

The theme of this year´s European Mobility Week: “Multimodality” with the slogan “Mix and Move!”

The European Mobility Week campaign - EMW (16 – 22 September), which has been held annually since 2002, is aimed at promoting safe, clean and ecological modes of urban transport. This year too, the campaign will be joined by Healthy Cities (, which was one of its first implementers in the Czech Republic.

The campaign provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to local residents and to explain challenges that cities and towns are facing to bring about changes in citizens' behaviour and to make progress towards creating a more sustainable transport strategy for Europe.

The European Mobility Week seeks to influence mobility and urban transport, as well as to improve the health and quality of life of local residents. It offers citizens the opportunity to learn about the true role of urban streets, and to explore specific solutions to urban issues such as air pollution. Local authorities are encouraged to use the European Mobility Week for testing new measures in the field of transport, and gaining feedback from residents. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity for local entrepreneurs to get together to discuss various aspects of mobility and air quality, and to seek innovative solutions to reduce the use of cars, and thereby cut emissions, and to look at the possibilities of testing new technologies.

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