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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Two innovative methodologies for culture planning were developed

Effective culture planning is not common practice in Czech cities. Strategic visions and goals often address other “more important” issues. Nevertheless, culture plays a very important role in the sustainable development of cities, towns and regions. In partnership with experts from culture field, Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic are striving to improve this situation. The outcomes of this endeavour are embodied in two innovative methodologies for culture planning, which is an unparalleled breakthrough in the Czech Republic.

The first methodology is focused on the evaluation of cultural organizations of towns and cities. The author Tereza Raabová (head of Culture Matters, member of the national expert team on sustainable development) tested this methodology as part of a pilot project in the CIty of Litomerice last year. The outcome is a user-friendly tool aimed at developing effectively cultural organizations of cities, defining their goals and evaluating results of their work.

The second methodology deals with how culture is reflected in the “map”, or, more precisely, in the territorial planning documentation and GIS. The authors Olga Skochova (Kvas, OnPlan) and Petr Klapste (Nature Systems) suggest a solution in order to map cultural facilities in cities, transfer the outcomes of mapping to the existing information systems of cities and interconnect them with strategic planning. The methodology was tried and tested in City of Jihlava.