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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities' Forums - meetings with the public over the local most burning problems

Healthy Cities' Forums have already started. In these events citizens identify the “10 Top Problems” - considered to be the most burning and important ones on the local or regional level. These problems or plans are thereafter verified by public enquiries and forwarded to the municipal, regional or city district representatives. On these regular year meetings focused on the overall development of the city (and accompanied by several more thematic round tables) the political representation should also inform the public how did they deal with the problems from the last Forum, what changes have been made etc.
In the year 2010 HCCZ has organized and has assisted to 40 events of this type all over the country.

HC Forum took place in Prachatice on 17. 2. for the second time in its history. In comparison to the last year, this year's public forum brought a greater number of initiatives, proposals or expectancies in the field of strategic development, social area or health care. Lets name e.g. the demands for the reduction of gambling clubs' operation, realisation of a barrier-free access to the library or completion of missing pavements. Selected problems will be consequently verified in a survey among city inhabitants. The other suggestions, of which there were 76 altogether, will not be omitted either.

The Students' Forum of HC Prachatice took place in the morning hours before the “adult” meeting and copied its methodology and procedures, of course in a much entertaining and amusing way. Pupils and students of basic and high schools discussed the most burning problems from their point of view, they have propose many plans or inspirative activities to the city representatives. Surprisingly, the highest number of votes received the proposal of "improvement of security and safety in the city in night hours". The event was attended by more than 80 pupils and students.

Up to 130 citizens attended the HC Forum in Uherske Hradiste that took place in the community centre's hall. In comparison to the previous meeting there was a shift in the fact that the majority of problems discussed falls directly within the city's authority and not e.g. within the authority of the region. The most burning problems from participant's point of view included topics such as parking, improvement of safety in selected locations (parks) or reconstruction of pavements.