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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The young in action? This holds true in the Healthy Cities

The Healthy Cities and Regions collaborate in the long run with their young inhabitants, specifically in concrete campaigns or events, but also in the planning of what should be improved in a given municipality. So called Young Forums, attended by pupils and students of basic and high schools, have become a standard complement of similarly focused events for "adults" in the Healthy Cities. For instance, the young in Chrudim could "vote" the thorniest problems this year that included e.g. construction of exterior sports areas, building up of arable land or increase in the number of municipal police. Similar events take place in other cities too, the young participate at "adult" public proceedings, having their own discussion table. For instance, in the course of the Healthy City forum in Jilemnice, the young discussed and declared problems, such as improvement of the bus station or establishment of WiFi at the frequented locations. Where the cities want to concentrate on specific solutions, the cities organise thematically focused round tables, for instance on the subject of Safe Route to School and others.

Owing to the project by Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic, which is co-financed from the programme of Youth in action it is possible to support organisation of several such forums for the young in this and next year. The following specific events are planned: 6. 5. Young Forum in Jihlava, 23.5. in Ricany, 10. 6. in Uhersky Brod, 27. 9. in Slany, 9.10. in Tabor and at the end of year in Pelhrimov.

Thematically focused round tables are newly being prepared in collaboration with the traditional partner of HCCZ – Centre of environmental education and ethics Rychory – SEVER Litomerice. Among others, the events will open the topic of employability of the young and their employment after completion of studies. At these round tables, the cities will collaborate not only with the representatives of schools, but also with the local employment bureau, local employers and volunteer organisations. The first event is to take place before holidays right in Litomerice, other interested parties will follow.