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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Summer School of Healthy Cities discussed health support, excluded areas, clean mobility and housing

This year's summer school was opened by introductory seminar dedicated to the issue of strategic planning and management in the cities and municipalities. Current affairs from the national level have been introduced by Marie Petrova on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, followed by other professional partners of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic that unite more than a hundred of members. Representatives of Regional Environmental Centre introduced the possibilities of collaboration and information from the field of clean mobility and alternative transportation, Petr Stepanek of the Czech Office of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development presented collaboration of municipalities with business sphere and relations with the quality of housing and the social topic and possibilities of preventing origination of excluded areas. Best practice of municipalities in the same area was dealt with in the contribution by Association for Social Inclusion. The event naturally also included presentations by the host city of Mlada Boleslav as well as collaboration with Skoda Auto, whose training area Na Karmeli hosted the whole three-day event of municipal and regional representatives.

The afternoon section was dedicated to health support in the municipalities. MUDr. Stanislav Wasserbauer of the CZ Ministry of Health introduced the possibilities and tools that the municipalities can use for support of their inhabitants' health, partners that they can collaborate with and approved examples of best practice as well as possible outlook of financial resources that the municipalities could use for health prevention projects’ support.

The second day of Summer School of Healthy Cities was dedicated to trainings and education, this time on the subject of media promotion and PR, and its participants practiced communication with media and PR work for Healthy Cities. More experienced participants verified and trained their rhetorical skills and public appearances at the prepared rhetoric training. Targeted consultations dedicated to the subjects of strategic management, planning with the public etc. for all those interested in progress to Healthy City or Region took place during the whole three-day event.

The delivered presentations including photographs and other information will be available here.

The nearest event dedicated to similar subject - Autumn Healthy Cities School - will take place on November 6. - 8. in the Healthy City of Hodonin.

The event was a part of HCCZ project "Strategic Management in Communities - Quality and Effective" that is financed with ESF funds through the Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment and through CZ State budget.