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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Prize for Quality in Public Administration for the eight time this year

Just like in the previous years, municipalities, regions and their organisations can participate in the competition for the Prize of the Ministry of Interior in Public Administration this year. The competition primarily evaluates successful implementation of quality methods in the practice of offices or innovative procedures in public administration. A number of Healthy Cities and Regions have won the "Bronze", "Silver" or "Prize for Innovation" in the past years and their representatives received the prizes for the past year at the February quality conference in Chrudim.

In addition to other quality methods, the Prizes also evaluate successful progress in local Agenda 21. In order to win bronze for LA21, the applicant must reach the category "C" of the LA21 Criteria set, including substantiation and approval of relevant documents within the framework of the official LA21 Database. The winning of silver prize for LA21 is subject to fulfilment of category "A" or "B" of the official LA21 criteria set. The evaluation of silver also includes a check of LA21 fulfilment on site and independent expert evaluation within the framework of defence at the Work Group for LA21 of the Governmental Council for Sustainable Development.