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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Czech Healthy Regions shared their experience in Pilsen

On Tuesday of February 12, 2013, the regular Meeting of Healthy Regions took place at the Regional Office of Pilsen Region. The aim of this event was to share the approved procedures and inspiration in the development of international programme of Healthy Region right on the regional level. The topics of this year's meeting among others included the support of volunteering and transfer of experience from the practice. Approved procedures were presented by the representatives of Pilsen Region, South-Moravian Region, Liberec Region and the Region of Vysočina.

In addition to the topic of collaboration with non-profit organizations, Pilsen Region also introduced the successful project of Safe Region, focused on the provision of financial resources to cities and other regional organizations to support activities of prevention and awareness raising in the area of safety. More than CZK 20 million have been distributed so far. The event included presentations of interesting materials, for instance from the field of safety of seniors or leaflets with tips and advices for parents on the subject of children's safe access to internet and use of social networks, such as Facebook etc. Liberec Region presented itself with a number of activities with an emphasis on public engagement in the update of Regional Development Programme. Besides the activities such as meeting of Healthy Cities and Municipalities and thematic financial support, the South-Moravian Region this year also co-organised the National Conference on Quality. The representatives of Vysočina Region mentioned the interesting activities within the cross-border project MAG 21, focused on development of Local Agenda 21 in the rural area together with an Austrian partner. Healthy City Forum recently took place in Vysočina Region and its participants selected 10 biggest problems of the region. Vysočina Region representatives also mentioned the the existence of informal body for development of volunteering and collaboration with social committee of the Regional Council.

Representatives of the regions also discussed a number of topics, such as regular meetings of Healthy Cities in their regions, engagement of the public, media promotion and campaigns for the support of sustainable development topics, preparation of health policy or cooperation with student parliaments.

The event is a part of HCCZ project "Volunteering and Community Service (performed by unemployed) in Municipalities" supported with financial resources of ESF and from the state budget within the Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment.

The programme and presentations are available for download here (in Czech).