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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Succeeded in the International LivCom Awards

Members of the National Network of CZ Healthy Cities again participated at this year's international LivCom Awards, whose finals took place at the end of October in the Soul-Songpa, South Korea. Representatives of cities from across the globe competed in disciplines related to improvement of the living environment and improvement of the quality of life of their inhabitants. The Healthy City Jihlava won the Silver Prize and third place in the category of 20 to 75 thousand inhabitants. The Healthy City of Chrudim won three awards this year: Gold Prize for the project of "Healthy City of Chrudim - A City Worth Living In", Gold Prize and second place for the project of "Reconstruction of St Joseph Church and Monastery Gardens" and Gold Prize for the fulfilment of criteria within the category of "Healthy Lifestyle". The Healthy City of Tábor and the Town of Kladno also made it to the finals.

The Healthy City of Chrudim that had already succeeded in this competition for a number of times and even won in its size category last year, was chosen to sign the LivCom Resolution that invites the cities to further development of ideas and competition criteria in everyday practice.

More information about the competition including all results is available on the website of www.livcomawards.com.