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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Czech Healthy Cities network welcomed its 100th member!

Two regions - Liberec Region and Pilsen Region entered the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic in this year's summer. The association also accepted new cities - the statutory city of Opava and also the cities and towns of Breclav, Klatovy, Dacice, Karlovice and Okrisky. These new regions and cities will surely bring interesting experience and inspiration to the current Healthy Cities and Regions.

In terms of long-term promotion of health of its inhabitants, Liberec Region has an exceptional standing within the whole CZ Republic. As early as in 2002, it was the first CZ region to adopt the Liberec Region Health Policy and introduction of its objectives in the practice is considered very successful. The output lies in a detailed knowledge of its inhabitants' health condition, which is regularly published and presented by the region to the lay and professional public in a form of so called "Health Report".

The entry of Pilsen Region among others follows the time-tested collaboration with local action groups that primarily represent the interests of smaller municipalities. Pilsen Region has been also preparing closer collaboration with the department of regional development, which is in charge of the Healthy Region Project, with other regional office departments, but also with external partners, such as regional hygiene station, chamber of commerce and agrarian chamber or non-governmental organisations of all kinds.