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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The Healthy Cities and Regions will dedicate to the topic of volunteering and public service

Volunteering has been developing in the recent years not only in the non-profit or corporate sphere, but also in the municipalities and regions, where it presents a major opportunity for development of a number of activities. In a way similar to public community services that currently, unfortunately, undergo significant changes and bring a number of complications both to the very applicants for employment, who are interested in public services, as well as to municipalities and regions that organize this activity. Despite these difficulties, both public community service and volunteering present a great challenge to deal with a number of issues in the municipalities. For this reason, the Healthy Cities together with the partners HESTIA o.s. - national volunteering centre and foreign partners C.A.R.D.O. from Slovakia and association of Healthy Cities of the Baltic Region have prepared the project of "Volunteering and Community Service (performed by unemployed) in Municipalities". In the following two years, the project will gather best practice examples dedicated to the issue of volunteering from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Model projects as examples of functioning of volunteering and public service in practice will be taking place in the Healthy Cities of Prachatice, Opava, Vsetín, Ustí nad Labem, in the Healthy Region of Vysocina and in Sobeslav. The methodology for municipalities and regions will be formulated in collaboration with foreign partners, examples of best practice will be summarised in a well arranged publication. The project has been financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Programme of Human Resources and Employment and from the projects of International Cooperation.

Volunteering is followed by other activities and topics, in the long term dealt with from the part of Healthy Cities Association. Such topics for instance include the area of active ageing, but also the collaboration with young generation and support of their engagement in the municipal affairs. A number of activities and events have been prepared to these topics in 2013.