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Evaluating sustainability in small towns

The Methodology for evaluating sustainable development of small towns was approved. It completes a number of methodologies for evaluating sustainable municipalities and regions and provides a detailed description of the evaluation through Sustainable Development Audits. The audits focus on ten core development themes of the international Aalborg commitments and assess the state and trends of the themes monitored with regard to long-term sustainable development of cities.

In addition to the authoring team of Czech Healthy Cities and Charles University Environment Centre, the methodology update was also carried out by a group of 40 experts from various fields to cover all the assessed themes.


The Sustainable Development Audits in line with Methodologies provide important analytical data for strategies and concepts. The methodologies are linked to the implementation of the Czech Republic 2030 document and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in territorial self-governing units.

More information on this topic including the Methodologies is available (only in Czech) HERE.