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The European Mobility Week with the slogan “Walk with us” took place | September 2019

As in the previous years, the 2019 campaign of European Mobility Week (16-22 September), held annually since 2002, is aimed at promoting safe and environmentally friendly modes of transport in cities and towns. This year too, the campaign will be joined by the members of Czech Healthy Cities, who were one of its early adopters in the Czech Republic.

The list of EMW activities in Czech Healthy cities, towns and regions is available on the Healthy Cities´ website: ZdravaMesta.cz/etm

The European Mobility Week provides the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to local residents and to explain challenges cities and towns are facing with the aim of changing citizens´ behaviour and making progress towards the creation of a more sustainable transport strategy for Europe.

The human body is made to move, yet, in the modern world most of the work and entertainment takes place while seated. We mostly sit when working, but also when driving or taking the bus or train on our journey to work. And in the evening, we are sitting in front of the TV to relax. However, walking is the most natural way of movement which won´t scare off even those who are not much into sports. And that is why it should become part of our everyday lives. And those who find walking a little boring may jump on a bike or scooter. The more people walk and cycle, the nicer our cities and towns and the healthier their residents.

More information is available on the website of the Ministry for the Environment, which is the main coordinator of this campaign, and on the European Mobility Week website.


Notice for members of Czech Healthy Cities: We will be glad to inform other cities and journalists about your activities. Please upload your activities related to the campaign though the terminal.