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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The "Contracts between Cities and Developers: Possibilities and Risks" seminar took place

The National Network of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic and Frank Bold Attorneys hosted together a discussion seminar on 25 January in Prague entitled “ TERRITORIAL PLANNING: Contracts between Cities and Developers, Possibilities and Risks”, which followed the next day the nationwide conference held under the aegis of the Ministry for Regional Development and the Ministry of the Interior.

The seminar focused on providing explanation and guidance on the practical use of planning agreements and agreements between towns or cities and developers. It reported on the changes resulting from the amended Building Act. The participants received practical information on the definition and use of planning agreements, infrastructure agreements and agreements with developers. A special focus was placed on the legal entities and the content of agreements, the relation of agreements to zoning plans, planning documents and planning procedure.

Additionally, the seminar also looked at the risks associated with concluding these contracts, in particular, the legal issue related to the limits for municipalities when concluding developer's contracts, i.e. what obligations a municipality may take on in relation to a developer. The practitioners – lawyers and representatives of municipalities stressed the possible risks associated with failure to perform these agreements.

For more information about the event (in Czech) click HERE.