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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

The 50th Annual Healthy City School – work, inspiration and fun | Tabor, June 2019

Where /When/Why: Tabor/ 5 – 7 June 2019 / sharing, inspiration, experience, partnership among cities, towns and regions
Participants: > 130
Presentations: 14
Training sessions: 3

The Good Practice Stamp Prizes were awarded for exemplary good practice:
Tabor: Alternative fuels in municipal technology
Jilemnice: Coordinated construction of individual housing

Others topics covered included (in Czech language):
- Introduction of the city of Tabor
- Alternative fuels in municipal technology
- Ministry of the Interior: Concept of client-oriented public administration 2030
- Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: New opportunities for green purchasing
- Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic: Partnerships, activities, projects
- Czech Healthy Cities
- Healthy Cities Good Practice
- We can measure the sustainability of urban living
- UNIT architekti (UNIT architects): Coordinated construction of individual housing
- Jilemnice: Coordinated construction of individual housing
- Jesenice: We manage our city smartly
- Library as an educational, information, cultural and community centre of a municipality
- SEVEN, Prestice: BEACON – An example of a successful decarbonisation strategy at municipal level
- REKOLA: The Project of bikesharing in cities and towns

For the two subsequent days, the participants trained on a range of topics, including social media skills, and tested the online tools offered. Furthermore, they discussed their experiences from cities and towns and inspirations such as re-use centres, how to make children move more or how to interconnect regional products and social business.

Besides the thought-provoking specialized session, a great complementary program was prepared such as the tour of the historic city centre, the chocolate museum, a joint run or the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

The baton of the Healthy Cities Schools was handed over to: Hodonin – 6 – 8 November 2019

The outputs and photos from the Healthy Cities School are available HERE.

This event was supported from the funds of the European Social Fund provided from the Operational Employment Programme to implement the project.

Publicita OPZ - aktivity, projekt Podpořeno finančními prostředky Evropského sociálního fondu, které byly na realizaci projektu poskytnuty z Operačního programu Zaměstnanost.