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What happened on Czech Healthy Cities Conference “Networking and supporting municipalities”?

The 26th Conference of Czech Healthy Cities Network focused on health, sustainability and quality of life at local level took place in Olomouc at the end of January 2020.

Watch a short video to see how the event went.

… Under the aegis of 2 ministers, 2 deputies and the rector of Palackeho University

… More than 150 participants on the first day and 90 participants on the second day,

… 16 presentations of practical city / region examples and inspirations in various areas of development,

… 9 good practice awards,

… followed by a special seminar on physical activity and the role of cities …

and much more

All presentations and photos can be found at:

HCCZ EVENTS IN 2019: Have you been there with us? Come and join us (also) next time!

1x nationwide conference: Make it to the top with us + TERRITORIAL PLANNING: Contracts between Cities and Developers, Total: 260 + 70 participants

3x three-day Czech Healthy Cities Schools, which are part of professional accredited training courses always involving open introductory seminars. Total: 460 participants

6x educational and discussion events: Total 420 participants

  • Cities and Architects
  • Children´s obesity
  • Energy in the hands of cities
  • Czech Healthy Regions Meeting
  • Czech Healthy Municipal Districts Meeting
  • Participatory budgeting

10x training courses in cities on principles of sustainable development in connection with strategic planning and quality of life.

3x international events or significant meetings with foreign partners

8x webinars on topical issues, questions and methodological procedures

... and many other meetings, consultations and cooperation directly in your towns.

An overview of all realized events and their outputs can be found HERE.

Services for Czech Healthy Cities and Regions in 2019 in figures

In 2019, as in the previous years, Czech Healthy Cities network provided its members with a wide range of services.

134 "in-house" consultations
43 public Fora / over 3000 participants
42 “Youth” and “School” fora
11 City trainings and other nationwide events / 1210 participants
10 courses in cities
8 webinars
7 eConsultations

In a short video, you can listen to what the politicians and coordinators of Czech Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions say about the benefits of being a member of the Healthy Cities Network.

We provide training and education as well as tailor-made consultations. We seek good practice examples and promote your inspirations. A number of activities can be freely used by towns and regions that are not our members yet. Our events are open to everybody, take inspiration from Healthy Cities and become one of them – as you will see, it is worth it!

Participation, Healthy Cities Fora, Emotional maps…

Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions hold regular meetings for their citizens to discuss the most burning issues concerning the place where they live. In 2019, the Healthy City Forum was held in 43 towns and cities with a total attendance of 3000 citizens. Another popular event are youth and school for a (42 events during the year 2019) where pupils and students discuss the development of their municipality. As in the case of the “adult fora”, the outcomes of these public meetings are submitted to a municipal or city council which will address them further. The purpose of these events is to enhance interest in public matters across all generations.

Again in partnership with Palacky University Olomouc we have offered emotional maps to cities. Emotional maps build on the concept of GeoParticipation using geospatial tools to involve participants in decision-making. Cities and towns will receive their emotional maps in a regular office format or as a GIS layer. Czech Healthy Cities are going to offer this service also in 2020.

Among other additional services we offer also follow up e-surveys in computers or mobile phones, that help to check the outcomes of the planned events at wider spectrum of respondents. A tool for participatory budgets has also been launched. HCCZ prepares these activities in cooperation with the Mobile broadcast.

Information about where large planning events with the public in Healthy Cities took place or will be held can be found on the website

Strategy, Management and Quality – Czech Healthy Cities and their partners have lots to offer

In the year 2019 we created and provided our members a number of practical tools and tested many methodological procedures intended for municipalities and regions.

We help cities, municipal districts, LAGs etc. to evaluate their approach to sustainable development and quality of life. We offer experts, rich experience from other municipalities and cities. You can easily record, share and compare your information with others in the DataPlan HCCZ online tool. You will see here your strategies and your planned projects in a clear way. Thanks to live data and indicators, which we process for you from public databases, you can manage your city and authority easier.

Would you like to know, how to prepare or manage your city strategy? How can you work with projects and budgets? How can you effectively connect quality standards and methods and set appropriate processes? Our experts have helped many cities in this way and they keep on providing gratis their experience and will recommend the best tailor-made processes for you.

We have number of innovations to share. In the year 2019 we still had planning for health, but also dealt with financial management in cities, housing and related indicators of quality and sustainability.

Jointly with cities and for cities we have developed practical on-line tools such as real estate passport and energy management, IT tools for city grant schemes, project evaluation in terms of sustainable development and much more…

We will be happy to share our experience with you.

Czech Healthy Cities welcomed nine new members in 2019

The new members of Czech Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions in 2019 are: municipal districts Prague 1, Prague 11, Cities of Vimperk, Bystrice, Jilove u Prahy, Kraliky, Kresice, Halenkov and LAG Podripsko.

At the end of 2019, the association totalled 131 members with regional outreach to 2113 cities and towns with 5,342 million inhabitants (50 % of the population of the Czech Republic).

We warmly welcome all new members and believe that the exchange of experience will be mutual, that both new and existing members will continue to be interested in active cooperation and sharing of experience. HCCZ platform offers opportunities for personal meetings, internet tools, joint consultations and search for resources for members' projects. We look forward to new concrete activities, good practice and inspiration.

A list of all Czech Healthy Cities and Regions is available HERE.

How does HCCZ network communicate on-line?

We have published 7 on-line Newsletters on our website reporting on the latest developments in a given month, including its translation into English. The Newsletters were sent to more than 2000 addresses in the Czech Republic and to nearly 300 addresses abroad.

We seek and promote good practice examples – on our unique web signpost called or SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GALLERY you will find almost 300 thematically sorted good practice examples from 83 places in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Additionally, in 2019 we had 296 new short inspirations – small projects, inspirational event or activities. Loaded with news, our INSPIROMAT for towns and regions is sent to all interested parties 3 times per month.

21 711 people liked our Healthy Cities Facebook NSZM. Our portfolio of social networks is also formed by Instagram and Twitter. Both networks will enable people to follow us on smartphones, but they are also accessible via PC. Furthermore, we administer popular profiles of Czech Healthy Cities on Linked In as well as a video channel with up-to-date and interesting media coverage from various cities and towns.

In 2019, our website recorded 32 587 visits.

We run 11 thematic e-mail conferences for those interested in sustainable development, strategic management, health, volunteering and other topics.

Can we measure the sustainability of housing from municipal perspective?

Housing is one of the basic human needs. Its design decisively determines the quality of life, social status, health, mobility and many other parameters essential for the population and the future development of a particular place. The role of towns and municipalities in the area of housing and its quality is indispensable, but it is often neglected or missing. It is usually reduced to the administration of flats owned by the municipality, or - especially in recent years - the attention of the municipality is focused on the area of social or supported housing. But this represents only one view of housing, which needs to be addressed more comprehensively from the municipal level.

The role of municipalities as area administrator is much broader - through qualified evaluation, planning, responsible selection and subsequent implementation, or more precisely by setting conditions for the implementation of suitable projects, local governments significantly influence not only their future form, but also their overall economic, environmental and social sustainability. Therefore, the Czech Healthy Cities in cooperation with experts from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, and from the Center of Housing Quality (CEKB) are preparing a unique methodology focused precisely on quality of housing from the perspective of municipalities.

The intention is to offer municipalities a clear tool through which they can analyze and verify their level of care in this field in a relatively simple way. The emerging methodology views housing as a harmony of four basic levels, i.e. economic, environmental, social and cultural spheres. In each of them the methodology recommends 3 representative indicators that describe it. The methodology is based on the principle of self-evaluation of the given municipality - according to the relevant data and knowledge, they assign red, orange or green at an imaginary traffic light. Work on the methodology that will be available to cities in the first half of next year is underway. The document is being actively commented and the methodology is also tested in practice.

Webinar introduced projects and finance for SUSTAINABLE ENERGY and SAVINGS

Webinar introduced projects and finance for SUSTAINABLE ENERGY and SAVINGS

On November 15, 2019, a special part of the HCCZ webinar was held on projects, news and cooperation offers on the topic of SUSTAINABLE ENERGY and SAVINGS in cities, municipalities and regions.

You can watch the webinar on youtube channel of the Czech Healthy Cities.

In the webinar SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND SAVINGS IN CITIES - projects, news, offers for cooperation in the area we presented:

  • Pilot project MIT - Evaluation of energy management in municipalities of the Czech Republic
  • Current and planned calls for 2020
  • Project SCORE - possibilities of community renewable sources in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The webinar was led by: HCCZ expert partner - Jaroslav Klusák - Association of Energy Managers of Towns and Municipalities (SEMMO) and HCCZ staff of the Czech Republic.

More info HERE.

The webinar was organized in cooperation between HCCZ and SEMMO, supported by Energy Cities and the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.

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