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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Strategy, Management and Quality – Czech Healthy Cities and their partners have lots to offer

In the year 2018 we created and provided our members a number of practical tools and tested many methodological procedures intended for municipalities and regions. We help cities, municipal districts, LAGs etc. to evaluate their approach to sustainable development and quality of life.

We offer experts, rich experience from other municipalities and cities. You can easily record, share and compare your information with others in the DataPlán HCCZ online tool. You will see here your strategies and your planned projects in a clear way. Thanks to live data and indicators, which we process for you from public databases, you can manage your city and authority easier.

Would you like to know, how to prepare or manage your city strategy? How can you work with projects and budgets? How can you effectively connect quality standards and methods and set appropriate processes? Our experts have helped many cities in this way and they keep on providing gratis their experience and will recommend the best tailor-made processes for you.

We have number of innovations to share. In the year 2018 we still had planning for Health, but also dealed with financial management in cities, housing and related indicators of quality and sustainability. Jointly with cities and for cities we have developed practical on-line tools such as real estate passport, for city grant schemes, project evaluation in terms of sustainable development and much more…