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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Smart and sustainable cities – it is not only about technologies, but about people above all

Bringing together almost 80 participants, the nationwide Healthy Cities seminar called A Smart and Sustainable City took place in Prague on Tuesday, 22 May, 2018. The theme was “smart” solutions supporting sustainable development in towns and cities. The primary focus of the whole event was the citizen and its active engagement. The seminar was held under the auspices Minister for Regional Development.

The ministry for Regional Development put forward a concept of smart cities from the ministries' perspective. It welcomed the long-term cooperation with the National Network of Healthy Cities and the Union of Towns and Municipalities. The ministry is working actively to ensure that funds from national resources are more strategic in the coming period and are not the only source of funding for the development of municipalities. It is also focused on the need for well-thought long-term development, i.e., to know where a given municipality is heading. This is a necessary step prior to the improvement of technological infrastructure, digitization, better mobility and data handling and its use to forecast development. In addition, the ministry introduced the Smart Cities principles which put citizens, who are the “end-users” of public services and should play a greater part in local development, at the forefront. Similarly, this also applies to companies and their corporate social responsibility. As the main coordinator and knowledge partner at national level, the Ministry for Regional Development is keen to provide significant help in implementing the above-mentioned principles.

The representatives of the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre emphasized the importance of a broad cooperation and networking of not only municipalities, companies and schools, but also of museums, libraries and all other stakeholders. It is important to require such research in order to meet the needs of municipalities. The Union of Towns and Municipalities introduced the LepšíMěsta.cz / Better Cities platform and the forthcoming “recipe book” where the city or town can enter its requirements to be addressed in the areas of transport, energy or e-government, and find model solutions created in cooperation with partners from private and academic sectors. HCCZ added information about the international Healthy City programme enabling to combine smart solutions with their strategic direction which also takes into account the citizens' viewpoint.

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