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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Public Fora in Healthy Cities are successful both with the public and town halls

By September, forty-seven Healthy Cities public fora took place in 2017. The Healthy City Forum of Litomerice attracted the highest number of participants, including 200 citizens. By the end of this year, there will be sixteen more meetings like these held in towns, municipalities and regions of the Czech Republic.

A Healthy City public forum is a meeting where citizens identify the biggest challenges and potentials for development in a given municipality, and by voting, determine the 10P – ten priorities. The outcome is subsequently verified by a survey involving a wide range of citizens. At the forum, the attendees learn how the priorities identified at the forum of the previous year were tackled. The meeting with the public is attended not only by the representatives of local governments but also by the representatives of non-profit organizations, schools and other external experts. Young people are regular visitors to such public meetings. The themes and priorities selected at the youth table often get between the final ten priorities.

Youth and School Fora are also highly popular. This year they have been already held at 21 schools and three more are planned. During these fora, students and pupils discuss the development of their municipalities and schools. The outcomes of these public fora are presented, as in the case of “adult” fora, at the municipal or city councils which will address them further.

Additionally, Healthy Cities offer its members a service in the form of “emotional maps“ which are created during public fora.

A list of dates and venues where Public Fora take place can be found at www.ZdravaMesta.cz/forum a www.ZdravaMesta.cz/mladeforum. There can also be found information about 10P – ten priorities identified at a public forum in a given place, related strategic documents, contact details, as well as invitations to events.