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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Participation, Healthy Cities Fora, Emotional maps…

Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions hold regular meetings for their citizens to discuss the most burning issues concerning the place where they live. In 2019, the Healthy City Forum was held in 43 towns and cities with a total attendance of 3000 citizens. Another popular event are youth and school for a (42 events during the year 2019) where pupils and students discuss the development of their municipality. As in the case of the “adult fora”, the outcomes of these public meetings are submitted to a municipal or city council which will address them further. The purpose of these events is to enhance interest in public matters across all generations.

Again in partnership with Palacky University Olomouc we have offered emotional maps to cities. Emotional maps build on the concept of GeoParticipation using geospatial tools to involve participants in decision-making. Cities and towns will receive their emotional maps in a regular office format or as a GIS layer. Czech Healthy Cities are going to offer this service also in 2020.

Among other additional services we offer also follow up e-surveys in computers or mobile phones, that help to check the outcomes of the planned events at wider spectrum of respondents. A tool for participatory budgets has also been launched. HCCZ prepares these activities in cooperation with the Mobile broadcast.

Information about where large planning events with the public in Healthy Cities took place or will be held can be found on the website ZdravaMesta.cz/forum.