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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

New publication offers inspiration from Switzerland and Czech Republic for cities and regions

A new publication that contains inspiring examples of best practice from municipalities and regions, both from Switzerland and Czech Republic, was created owing to collaboration of Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions of the Czech Republic with the Swiss Association Equiterre. Both countries can boast a number of demonstration activities that fulfil the principles of sustainable development and support the inhabitants' health and quality of life. The publication titled "Let's Be Inspired! Demonstration Activities and Best Practice from Switzerland and Czech Republic" (available also in English) aims to introduce a part of these activities briefly, specifically through 9 selected topics that arose from the discussion over inspiring procedures from both countries and questions of how to use these in the practice of municipalities, regions and cantons.

The aim of the publication lies not only in the comparison of similar activities from Switzerland and from the Czech Republic, but primarily in the mutual inspiration for the representatives of local governments in both countries. Even though the system of local administration in the Swiss Confederation is based on division of the state into 26 cantons, where each of them has its own different system of administration and management and therefore is considerably different from the administrative structure of the Czech Republic, the publication should introduce successful procedures, which are feasible in both countries and in environments with different structure of public administration. This publication is one of outputs of the project „Partnership for improving the quality of municipalities – best practice sharing in the topic of international programs Healthy City Project and Local Agenda 21“, realised by the HCCZ in collaboration with Equiterre, partner for sustainable development. The project has been financed from the Partnership Fund (Czech-Swiss Collaboration Programme).