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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

New examples in the "GoodPractice" Database

The internet database on the address of Good-Practice.eu contains more than 160 inspiring examples from various areas of development of cities, municipalities and regions. You can also find short highlights and inspirations from everyday practice at https://dobrapraxe.cz/cz/priklady-dobre-praxe.

Here you are some of the new examples added to the Database (NOTE: the links are in Czech, if needed, please use the Google Translator toolbar):

PRACHATICE: Advisory board of disabled and seniors
CHRUDIM: Public contracts and tenders on the municipal website
VSETÍN: Cycle track Bečva - the queen of Moravia's tracks
HLUČÍN: Educational DVD on waste topic
DOBŘÍŠ: City fairs - city support for local entrepreneurs and NGO's