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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Local Action Groups (LAG) belong among new members of HCCZ

Local Action Groups (LAG) unite the representatives of citizens, non-profit organisations, private business sphere and public administration, collaborating in the development of the country. First local action groups joined the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic in the course of the first quarter of 2013: LAG Blansky les – Netolicko, LAG Opavsko, LAG Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech and LAG Vodnanska ryba. The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic also collaborate with National Network of Local Action Groups. The entry of particular LAG into HCCZ brings further possibilities of collaboration and sharing of best practice among municipalities and whole regions. 

According to Marta Krejcikova, coordinator of this LAG, the main motivation of LAG Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech to join HCCZ lay in further extension of possibilities to enforce the progress in regional development from the bottom up in active manner. "For as long as 10 years, LAG Rozkvet has been trying to motivate the local inhabitants to engage in development activities, help the local initiatives and provide space for effective collaboration of municipalities, local entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations. Commencement of realisation of the common project "We Enjoy Health", owing to which more than 20 outdoor health centres (outdoor mini gyms) will be created in the South-Bohemian country in the following year, presented the direct impulse for entry of LAG Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech, LAG Blansky les Netolicko and LAG Vodnanská ryba to HCCZ," states Marta Krejcikova of LAG Rozkvet zahrady jiznich Cech.