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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

In October, Healthy Cities will host the traditional Health Days campaign

The traditional Health Days campaign celebrating healthy lifestyles will take place mostly in the first half of October. The diversity of themes and the involvement of expert partners in various cities make it the biggest event aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles in the Czech Republic.

The primary goal of Health Days is to inform citizens in an intriguing way about how to look after their health properly, how to prevent health problems, as well as offer citizens activities which could improve their physical and mental well-being in the long-term.

During the Health Days event, citizens will have the opportunity of having their body values measured (body weight, blood pressure, blood sugar level etc.) for free in a number of cities and municipalities, or of undergoing further check-ups or getting free advice. The accompanying program is traditionally intended for all generations, including children and senior citizens.

Every year the town halls of Healthy Cities hold the campaign in cooperation with all partners concerned with the issue of health from all different perspectives (non-governmental non-profit organizations, health care centres, schools etc.).

A regularly updated list of activities of the towns and regions involved in the campaign is available at: www.ZdravaMesta.cz/dzd.