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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

How does Czech HC network communicate on-line?

We have published 7 on-line Newsletters on our website reporting on the latest developments in a given month, including its translation into English. The Newsletters were sent to more than 2000 addresses in the Czech Republic and to nearly 300 addresses abroad.

We seek and promote good practice examples – on our unique web signpost called SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GALLERY you will find over 315 thematically sorted good practice examples from 80 places in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Additionally, in 2018 we had 322 new short inspirations – small projects, inspirational event or activities. Loaded with news, our INSPIROMAT for towns and regions is sent to all interested parties 3 times per month.

15 531 people liked our Healthy Cities Facebook. Our portfolio of social networks is also formed by Instagram and Twitter. Both networks will enable people to follow us on smartphones, but they are also accessible via PC. Furthermore, we administer popular profiles of Czech Healthy Cities on Linked In as well as a video channel with up-to-date and interesting media coverage from various cities and towns.

In 2018, our website ZdravaMesta.cz recorded 30 863 visits.

We run 11 thematic e-mail conferences for those interested in sustainable development, strategic management, health, volunteering and other topics.