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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy City Forums - Actively About Problems and Their Solutions

Healthy City Forum took place in the course of April in three HCCZ member cities and in one Healthy City District of Prague. Healthy City Forum is a meeting where public representatives identify 10P - ten problems considered most burning in the location of their residence. The order of problems is consequently verified by public enquiries and then forwarded to the municipal, regional or city district representatives. Each meeting with the public checks, whether city, municipal or regional management dealt with the problems from the last Forum in appropriate manner.

In the course of April, Healthy City Forum took place in Prestice (5. 4.), Jilemnice (7. 4.), Chrudim (11. 4.) and in Prague-Dolni Pocernice (27. 4.). In the course of May 2011, Forums are to follow in Bolatice (4. 5.), Prague-Libus (9. 5.), Jihlava (10. 5.), Prague 14 (11. 5.), Litomerice (16. 5.), Cesky Brod (17. 5.), Lomnice nad Popelkou (18. 5.), Koprivnice (19. 5.), Ricany (23. 5.), Moravska Trebova (24. 5.), Letovice (25. 5.), Pocatky (30. 5.) and Hodonin (31. 5.).

The participants of Forum in the Healthy City Jilemnice appreciated topics such as dealing with areas for sports and leisure activities, improvement of greenery in the city, repairs of road surfaces, system of bio-waste collection and disposal, development of social services, inspection of night clubs and observation of quiet hours. Citizens thus declared clearly for retaining of the K-8 school including solution of school's spatial conditions.

Participants of the Healthy City Forum in Prestice among others required establishment of a retirement home, construction of city bypass, improvement of the quality of municipal jobs realisation, establishment of low-floor club or installation of camera system in the city.

Healthy City Forum in Chrudim attracted up to 150 citizens. Forum participants confirmed their long-term interest in the construction of city bypass, retaining of hospital and emergency service, they also suggested restoration and retaining of open-air cinema, restoration of school gardens, retaining of the social services network for all target groups, support of sports activities, the possibility to ride bicycles in one-way streets and on the pavements, dealing with cleanliness of raceway near the Na Strelnici Park and maintenance of Chrudimka bed.

Participants of the Healthy City District Forum in Prague-Dolni Pocernice laid claims for traffic slowdown and calming, relay of public transport line route, extension of basic school and determination of the term for new school construction commencement. Barborka location is considered a disgrace of the city district. According to the Forum participants, the city district lacks opportunities for adult education, citizens are also troubled by incineration of municipal waste or dustiness of the roads. Completion and preservation of the city district's historical centre appearance is considered a long-term issue.