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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy City Forum was visisted by a quarter of people more than last year

Healthy City Forum is a regular annual meeting with the public, where the most thorny problems of the municipality they live in are discussed. In the 2012, Healthy City Forum took place in 43 Healthy Cities, Municipalities and Regions and more than 4,300 of those who care actively for the development of the place they live in gathered there. The attendance of events grew by 25% since the last year- The attendants of these meetings identified the "10P - Ten Problems", consequently verified in a survey that engaged a wider range of citizens. The verified list of problems then goes to the local authorities who include the solution of individual topics in the planning documents including the budget. In the course of public meeting, people can get information on how the motions from previous years had been handled by the city.

So called "Young Forums" also took place in the Healthy Cities in 2012. Just like problems from the "adult" Healthy City Forum, the issues formulated by pupils and students had been verified in a survey and then submitted to be dealt with by the municipal council and local authorities. Engagement of young people directly in the "adult" Healthy City Forum, where young people formulate the problems related directly to themselves at their own table, also proved successful. Very often, these problems make it in the voting among the resulting "10P - Ten Problems".