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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Czech Healthy Cities welcomed 4 new members in the first half of 2018

Czech Healthy Cities National Network continues to attract new members. This year, 4 municipalities became new members of the Association: Statutory City of Ostrava, Prague Municipal Districts of Dolni Mecholupy and Prague–Brezineves, municipality of Zasova. Halfway through 2018, the Association has a total of 130 members with regional outreach to over 2109 cities and towns, which are home to 5,390 million inhabitants (51 % of the population of the Czech Republic). We warmly welcome all new members and believe that we will exchange experience mutually, and that both new and existing members will be keen to cooperate actively and share experience. Czech Healthy Cities provide ample scope for this purpose and opportunities for meeting, joint consultations, the use of resources for members’ projects and specific activities, and examples of good practice. The overview of all Czech Healthy Cities members is available HERE.