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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Czech Healthy Cities' successes in 2012 on the national and international levels

In 2012, HCCZ members won a number of awards for successes in various areas of development. Healthy Cities repeatedly succeeded in the finals of competition held under the UN title of "The International Awards for Liveable Communities" or "The LivCom Awards", held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. The Healthy City of Chrudim won the highest award, among others winning the first place in the main competition (in the category of 20 to 75 thousand inhabitants). The second spot was won by Australian Kogarah City, and the third spot was taken by the Healthy City Jihlava. Chrudim was also awarded for partial projects in the competition of 68 projects from across the globe. The awarded projects included "Halfway House or Second Chance to Live" and "Newly - Better - with People", Jihlava succeeded with the applied project of "Environmental Education Centre". In addition to this, Chrudim won special awards for example fulfilment of the criterion "Art, Culture and Heritage", Jihlava succeeded in the fulfilment of "Strategic Planning" criterion.

The Healthy City of Krnov succeeded in this year of "Routes Through the Cities" competition, dedicated to traffic calming, as it won the prize of Škoda Auto for its project of Cycling Route though Krnov within the category of line solutions.

The Healthy City of Uherske Hradiste that won the challenge title of the City of Trees in 2011, this year won the silver award in the following international competition of Entente Florale Europe.

The Healthy Municipality Krizanky took the third place in this year of national competition titled Village of the Year within the Country Development Programme.

A number of Healthy Cities also succeeded in the regional rounds of the City for Business competition.

Successful procedures of the local governments in the field of public administration quality have been appreciated officially by the Ministry of Interior within the 8th National Conference on Quality in Public Administration in Prague. Application of Local Agenda 21 (LA21) as one of efficient methods of applying quality in public administration was again appreciated within the awards of Ministry of Interior Prizes for Quality and Innovation. Silver prize for quality in public administration for the realisation of LA21 was awarded to the Healthy Cities of Chrudim, Koprivnice, Litomerice, Vsetin and Healthy Sub-Region of Drahanska vrchovina. Silver prize for other methods of quality in public administration was awarded to the Healthy City Prostejov (model CAF 2006/2009) and Healthy Region of Vysocina (model CAF 2006/2009). Bronze prize for application of LA21 has been received by the representatives of Healthy Cities Hlucín, Hodonín, Prestice, Valasske Mezirici, Velké Mezirici, Healthy Municipalities of Krizanky and Healthy Region of Vysocina. Bronze prize for other methods of quality in public administration was received by the representatives of Healthy Cities of Ceska Lipa (ČSN EN ISO, series14001), Jilemnice (model CAF 2006/2009) and Healthy Region of Liberec (model CAF 2006/2009). The prize for innovation in public administration in 2011 was also awarded to the Healthy Region of Vysocina (Central Register of Subsidies - eSubsidies).