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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic endorsed the global Basque Declaration of Sustainable Cities

Being a member of a number of important international associations of cities and regions, the association of Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic has been actively engaged at international level. In connection with its active involvement in ICLEI– a global association of local governments working towards sustainable development, Healthy Cities endorsed the Basque Declaration, a key document building on the Aalborg Charter, and thus became a part of the global platform of (http://www.sustainablecities.eu/).Sustainable Cities (http://www.sustainablecities.eu/).

The Basque Declaration guides municipalities and regions in addressing issues which members of Healthy Cities deal with in their everyday work, and thus will enable them to share their good practice not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad:

1. Decarbonise our energy systems and reduce total energy consumption;
2. Create sustainable urban mobility patterns and accessibility for all;
3. Protect and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services;
4. Reduce the use of greenfield land and natural space;
5. Protect water resources, water and air quality;
6. Adapt to climate change, and reduce the risk of disasters;
7. Improve public space to create convivial, safe and vibrant environments;
8. Provide sufficient and adequate housing for all;
9. Guarantee the social inclusion and integration of all parts of society;
10. Strengthen our local economies and local employment opportunities.