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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

HEALTHY CITIES EVENTS IN 2017: Have you been there with us? Come and join us (also) next time!

3x three-day Healthy Cities Schools (Trebic, Moravska Trebova, Vsetin), which are part of professional accredited training courses always involving open introductory seminars. Total: 400 participants

4x educational and discussion events: Total 213 participants

  • Thematic section: “Quality and strategy
  • Discussion session: “Effective financial management of cities, towns and regions and their organizations
  • Meeting of Regions
  • Meeting of Prague municipal districts

12x accredited training courses for local authorities on “Principles of sustainable development in connection with strategic planning and quality of life“. Total: 217 participants

5xOn-site eveluation events“ – presentation of procedures, results and experience of the implementation of the Healthy Cities and LA21 programs from Chrudim, Litomerice, Koprivnice, Jihlava and Krizanky.

1x nationwide conference “Sustainable City 2017“ – the most active cities received awards from the representatives of ministries, and from the foreign and Czech partners of the association. Total: 180 participants

7x international events or significant meetings with foreign partners

6x webinars on topical issues, questions and methodological procedures of Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions.