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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities discussed how to carry out the financial management of cities, regions and their organisations in an appropriate way

Over 70 participants from among politicians, secretaries, financial auditors and other stakeholders from cities and towns gathered at the Healthy Cities seminar on Effective management of cities and regions and their organisations. Particular emphasis was put on the area of financial management, existing and draft legislation – both Czech and European, planned changes, amendments or possible risks, and especially on examples of application of these rules in practice.

Since this theme is under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, it was introduced and opened by Tomas Vyhnanek, Deputy Minister for Financial Management and Audit. He outlined the planned amendments to the Act on the Management and Control of Public Finance and the vision in the area of reviewing the management of municipalities and regions. The act is aimed at reducing the reporting duty of the smallest municipalities, laying emphasis on strong methodological support from the Ministry of Finance, as well as showing good practice examples. The Deputy Minister also mentioned the duplication of controls and the efforts to reduce it wherever possible, and, in particular, to share the results of various controls and the ensuing plans.

The topic of economy, effectiveness and efficiency – the 3E's principles – and its connection to sustainable development and strategic management was covered by Milan Pucek. He stressed the importance of a truly functioning system of financial controls and expressed the need for a thorough risk analysis, which has been used in the Czech public administration only inadequately or rather formally. More information about this topic can be found in the publication of Healthy Cities called "Sustainable Financial Management".

Practical examples were provided by Miloslav Kvapil and Roman Fiser, Healthy Cities' professional consultants on this issue and the issue of quality management. They underlined the dimension of managing municipalities and regions as public law corporations which fully include its subsidized organisations and commercial organisations, whose property should be managed by municipalities and regions in economical, effective and efficient way to ensure the quality of public services.

Examples from practice were presented by the representatives from Healthy Vysocina Region and Benesov Healthy City.

The presentations and photos from the event are available HERE.