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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities held the DAYS WITHOUT INJURIES campaign

Held mainly in the first part of June, the campaign called “Days without Injuries”, which involves annually a number of Healthy cities, towns and regions, is aimed at injury prevention. The awareness activities, which were organised as part of this campaign, are focused primarily on road traffic injuries and injuries in schools and sports grounds. Since the most vulnerable group to be involved in road traffic accidents are children and the elderly, a series of lectures were held in nurseries and primary schools. Special events were also dedicated to the safety of the elderly. Furthermore, first aid training to provide assistance in case of injuries and accidents is an essential part of the campaign.

To prevent road traffic accidents and injuries, cities can use proven methodologies such as the “Safe Journey to School” programme or the “Ride a Bike Only with a Helmet” campaign. Days without Injuries in Healthy Cities are also supported by the National Institute of Public Health and its locally competent offices.