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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Czech Healthy Cities got over 20,000 Facebook fans

In August 2019, the Facebook of Czech Healthy Cities hit a record number of 20,000 likes. In the Czech Republic, this is a pretty good result in the non-commercial website segment. Czech Healthy Cities has been using Facebook for promotion since 2011.

The Association is also active on visually-oriented Instagram which is ideal for publishing pictorial information and photos and is used for wider promotions of small initiatives from Healthy cities, towns and regions.

Twitter is aimed at invitations and hot news where it is possible to find not only up-to-date information about Healthy Cities national events and activities but also shared news from the Association´s members.

"We are pleased with this interest shown by our followers, which is important in terms of the target group and awareness of the international Healthy City programme. We believe that our subscribers will appreciate our best practices derived from the progress of Healthy cities, towns and regions towards the quality of life, health and sustainable development," said the Czech Healthy Cities director Petr Svec.

We will be pleased if you accept our invitation to become fans of Czech Healthy Cities on social networks!