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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Cooperation agreement signed with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Czech Healthy Cities value not only the exchange of good practices but also active cooperation with a number of expert partners. These include especially ministries and their professional organisations, universities, national NGOs and other expert organisations. The most important of them, both at national and international level, conclude agreements or memoranda of cooperation with Czech Healthy Cities.

The most recent example of such cooperation is an agreement concluded with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs which is one of the key partners of the Association and its members. The agreement mentions the cooperation of both institutions in the areas of systemic approach to social issues locally and regionally, community planning of social services or sharing of data and information for evaluating the social environment in cities and regions. It goes without saying that the agreement also encompasses the exchange of good practices and the dissemination of information related to possibilities of solving social issues.

Although these cooperation agreements do not involve financial implementation, they entail a commitment that a particular issue will be handled with certain amount of coordination and bilateral cooperation.

Other partners of Czech Healthy Cities can be found at: www.ZdravaMesta.cz/partneri.