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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Children's Forum of the Healthy City enables engagement of the young generationin local affairs

Last year there was "Children's Forum or Ten Problems of Litomerice Town Through the Eyes of Basic School and High School Students". This successful event and similar children's meeting in the Healthy City of Dobris are followed by another Children's Healthy City Forums this year. Workers from the environmental educational centre SEVER, who have extensive experience in work with children and environmental education, help with preparation of meetings in other Healthy Cities. HCCZ pays this collaboration to the cities from the ROZMArIN Project, supported from MoE Revolving Fund.

Children's Healthy City Forum in the Healthy City District Prague-Libus and Pisnice took place on March 7. Pupils and students were divided to four tables according to area (1. Transportation and Environment, 2. Education and Coexistence with Foreigners, 3. Free time, culture and sport, 4. Safety, Commerce and Services). Children's Forum participants identified the subway and tram missing in the city district as the biggest problem. The problems discussed will be included in a survey that would take place at basic and high schools. The survey results along with proposals from the standard "adult" forum will be submitted to the local authorities.

Other similar events will take place in Dobris (28. 4.), where children and students will have a round-table discussion on the subject of Safe Journey to School, in Chrudim (10.5.) and in Vsetin (1.6.) they will discuss the issues that bother the cities and their suggestions for improvement.