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Can we measure the sustainability of housing from municipal perspective?

Housing is one of the basic human needs. Its design decisively determines the quality of life, social status, health, mobility and many other parameters essential for the population and the future development of a particular place. The role of towns and municipalities in the area of housing and its quality is indispensable, but it is often neglected or missing. It is usually reduced to the administration of flats owned by the municipality, or - especially in recent years - the attention of the municipality is focused on the area of social or supported housing. But this represents only one view of housing, which needs to be addressed more comprehensively from the municipal level.

The role of municipalities as area administrator is much broader - through qualified evaluation, planning, responsible selection and subsequent implementation, or more precisely by setting conditions for the implementation of suitable projects, local governments significantly influence not only their future form, but also their overall economic, environmental and social sustainability. Therefore, the Czech Healthy Cities in cooperation with experts from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, and from the Center of Housing Quality (CEKB) are preparing a unique methodology focused precisely on quality of housing from the perspective of municipalities.

The intention is to offer municipalities a clear tool through which they can analyze and verify their level of care in this field in a relatively simple way. The emerging methodology views housing as a harmony of four basic levels, i.e. economic, environmental, social and cultural spheres. In each of them the methodology recommends 3 representative indicators that describe it. The methodology is based on the principle of self-evaluation of the given municipality - according to the relevant data and knowledge, they assign red, orange or green at an imaginary traffic light. Work on the methodology that will be available to cities in the first half of next year is underway. The document is being actively commented and the methodology is also tested in practice.