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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

Another four Healthy City Forums took place in March

Healthy City Forum is a meeting where public representatives identify 10P - ten problems considered most burning in the location of their residence. The order of problems is consequently verified by public enquiries and then forwarded to the municipal, regional or city district representatives. Each meeting with the public checks, whether city, municipal or regional management dealt with the problems from the last Forum in appropriate manner. The citizens' interest gradually shifts to problems, whose solution is really lies within the authority of the given municipality or region.

In the course of March, Healthy City Forum took place in Dobris (16. 3.), another took place in Karlovy Vary (17. 3.), Hlucin (22. 3.) and Orlova (24. 3.). In the course of April, Healthy City Forums will follow in the Healthy Cities of Prestice (5. 4.), Jilemnice (7. 4.), Chrudim (11. 4.) and Prague-Dolni Pocernice (27. 4.).

Participants of Healthy City Forum in Dobris cast most votes for the issue of bad condition of roads and pavements. The problem of public greenery protection or building of cycling tracks also raised the citizens' interest.

The Forum of the Healthy City of Karlovy Vary, also focused on engagement of suburban districts in the decision-making, was attended by 110 citizens. The present Forum participants gave most votes to the problems of municipal public transportation improvement and building of house for seniors.

The participants of the Healthy City Forum in Hlucin gave most votes to the problems of air pollution with solid fuels or to the issue of dog pound and littering of public areas with dog excrements.

The greatest problems identified by the Orlova Healthy City Forum included the humanisation of city centre and continuing regeneration of housing estates or accumulation of asocial inhabitants in one of Orlová's areas.