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Healthy Cities CZ

Healthy Cities
of the Czech Republic

HCCZ Basic Info

In 1988, the World Health Organisation (WHO) initiated the international Healthy Cities Project, and invited major European cities to participate. Now, over 1,300 Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions have joined the Project in many countries throughout Europe. After 1989, several municipalities in the Czech Republic started to implement the ideas of the Project. In 1994, eleven active cities formed an association titled the Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic (HCCZ).

HCCZ is presently the only association of Czech municipalities that stipulates in its statutes to consistently work towards sustainable development, health, and the quality of life in cities, municipalities and regions of the Czech Republic. Since 1998, HCCZ member cities, towns and regions have proceeded according to a WHO and HCCZ Methodology, co-operating with a wide range of HCCZ’s expert partners, particularly Charles University, Prague. Methodology was awarded as a Worldwide Project EXPO 2000 in Hanover. In 2006 HCCZ has been pre-selected among the finalists of the United Nations Public Service Awards, in 2008 obtained form the Ministry of Interior the Innovation Award for its database system for strategic management in cities DataPlan. 

HCCZ Members: https://www.healthycities.cz/en/hccz-members

Basic information on the HCCZ - leaflet

Basic information on the HCCZ - leaflet [701.9 kB, pdf]

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic STATUTES
(excerpt from full wording approved on March 31, 2005)

HCCZ Statute and Mission

1.The Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic ("HCCZ" or "Association") are an interest association of legal entities, founded according to Article 20f as amended of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll., of the Civil Code, as amended.

2. Any municipality of the Czech Republic, association of municipalities and other legal entity of non-municipal nature that decides to respect these Statutes and proceed to fulfil the Association's mission can become a HCCZ member. Municipality of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to only as "Municipality") stands for a municipality, city, city district of the capital of Prague, sub-region and region in the area of the Czech Republic. HCCZ Association for the purposes of these Statutes stands for such union of municipalities of the Czech Republic, which constitutes a legal entity. Each member is represented by a statutory representative.

3. The Association's mission is to connect municipalities and professional organisations in the Czech Republic in order to cooperate in systematic support of health and quality of life and active application of sustainable development on the local, regional and international levels.

4. The membership in HCCZ expresses the members' will to support, promote, realise and develop within their limits the long-term programmes of "WHO Healthy City Project" (hereinafter referred to only as "HCP") and "Local Agenda 21" (hereinafter referred to as "LA21"), based on the document of World Health Organisation (WHO) "Health 21" and on UN document "Agenda 21".