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Healthy cities CZ

Healthy cities
of the Czech Republic

Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic

This is some illustrative information, links and activities from Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic Network presented in English. For all the other information please use the Google Translate Toolbar (down on the left side on the Czech home page).

You can go through our Basic Information containing an overview of the fundamental information concerning the association, its members and activities. … watch our short video, which is a one-minute summary of the qualities Healthy Cities, Town and Regions boast. (9.1.2018)

In 2017, as in the previous years, Healthy Cities provided its members with a wide range of services.

103 on-the-spot consultations
60 Fora for the public / 4488 participants
29 “Youth” and “School” fora
8 Schools and nationwide events on good practice / 959 participants
12 accredited training courses
6 webinars

In 2017 the towns of Bystrice and Cervena Voda and the municipal district Prague 15 became members of Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions. At the end of 2017, the association totalled 130 members with regional outreach to 2152 cities and towns with 5,441 million inhabitants (52 % of the population of the Czech Republic).(9.1.2018)

Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions hold regular meetings for their citizens to discuss the most burning issues concerning the place they live. In 2017, the Healthy City Forum was held in 60 towns and cities with a total attendance of 4488 citizens. Another popular event are "youth and school fora" where pupils and students discuss the development of their municipality. As in the case of the “adult fora”, the outcomes of these public meetings are submitted to a municipal or city council which will address them further. The purpose of these events is to enhance interest in public matters across all generations.

We have created and have been providing a number of practical tools and proven methodological procedures intended for municipalities and regions. We seek and offer: inspiration, ways to evaluate progress towards sustainable development and quality of life, methods how to set and manage required processes at local authorities, and how to properly implement strategic planning and management. In cooperation with our expert partners we help to develop innovative themes - in 2017 it was e.g. planning for health, adaptation to climate change, cultural planning and evaluation, quality of life indicators and benchmarking, and many other topics.(9.1.2018)

We have published 5 on-line Newsletters on our website reporting on the latest developments in a given month, including its translation into English. The Newsletters were sent to more than 2000 addresses in the Czech Republic and to nearly 300 addresses abroad. We seek and promote good practice examples – on our unique web signpost called SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GALLERY you will find over 301 thematically sorted good practice examples from 85 places in the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Additionally, in 2017 we had 374 new short inspirations - small projects, inspirational event or activities. Loaded with news, our INSPIROMAT for towns and regions is sent to all interested parties 3 times per month.


3x three-day Healthy Cities Schools
4x educational and discussion events
12x accredited training courses
5x “On-site" evaluation events
1x nationwide conference “Sustainable City 2017“
7x international events or significant meetings with foreign partners
6x webinars on topical issues, questions and methodological procedures of Healthy Cities, Towns and Regions.


We have created a brand new promotional material of benefits and network services, that our network (HCCZ) provides to its members – cities, towns and regions of the Czech Republic.
The leaflet includes a clear overview of what HCCZ does in the area of civic participation, sustainable development or project and quality management. We provide knowhow, share good practice and promote and inspire across many stakeholders on national, international and local level. We would like you to join and share your experience – you´ll see, it´s worth it!
Social media... besides our very popular Facebook, which is shared amongst 14 000 users, we have created INSTAGRAGM and TWITTER. Both accounts are focused on sharing brand new inspirations, interesting pictures, news from sustainable development field and good practice not only from the Czech Republic, but from international partners and networks as well.
We would like to invite you to become followers of this sharing experience that helps spread sustainable development even further!


Healthy Cities provide its members with methodological support in implementing activities related to the Healthy Region Program or Local Agenda 21. The Healthy Cities staff are ready to offer advice personally or virtually at any time. A major advantage of membership is the possibility to exchange experience and good (but also bad) practices with other members of the network dealing with similar issues. The coordinator of the Vysocina Healthy Region Program and LA21 makes use of the possibility of accredited training and acquiring new specialized information at Healthy Cities Schools. These training events are also an opportunity for face-to-face meetings between coordinators and politicians from Healthy Cities and Regions, and other prominent figures from all over the Czech Republic.

The traditional autumn meeting of not only Healthy Cities but also for other participants, held between 1-3 November 2017, was attended by more than 130 representatives of cities, towns and regions from all over the Czech Republic, as well as NGOs and other partner organizations. The introductory seminar of the Autumn Healthy Cities School provided inspiration for topics such as financial resources, quality of local authorities, sustainable development, health promotion, clean mobility, data processing, involvement of entrepreneurs, emotional maps, school fora or the Antifetfest film festival. (6.11.2017)
The aspirants striving for the highest “A” and “B” categories of LA21 presented their progress towards sustainable development at seminars held in cities. The Healthy cities of Chrudim, Litomerice, Koprivnice, Jihlava and the town of Krizanky presented their practical procedures, results and experience in their prestigious presentations heard by the representatives of the ministries and experts on sustainable development. Due to their systemic approach, the above members of Healthy municipalities and regions are the most successful implementers of the LA21 quality standard in the Czech Republic. (27.10.2017)
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